Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkins on the Prairie

This is our best group shot.
Coop enjoyed walking around the hay.
Pumpkin bowling, Baylor got a strike.
What a great pumpkin Mommy and Coop
Today we went to Connor Prairie for a class on pumpkins. It was such a beautiful day and the trees are starting to change colors. I went to class with Baylor for pumpkin games, a craft and snack. Mimi and Cooper walked around outside and enjoyed the fresh air. We all met outside to look for our pumpkin. We looked in the garden to see the pumpkins that were still growing. Baylor thinks the headless horseman is probably using these pumpkins for his head. He is a little afraid of the headless horseman right now. He keeps saying he hears clippity clop. He picked a great pumpkin and was excited to bring it home to add to our collection. Before leaving we stopped at the apple store for a treat. What a great fall day!

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