Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wow I have a rope

Look how fast the pumpkin can go.
This sure is fun to tow the pumpkin.
Baylor thought Mia looked beautiful.
Some of the kids with their pumpkins.
Baylor has wanted a rope for quite some time and of course the answer has been no. He says that to be a real cowboy you have to have a rope. While I can agree with him, there is no way I was going to give him a rope. I could only imagine all the negative things that could be done with a rope. Well today his wish came true, not with me in the picture. He worked on a farm with his daddy and pappaw today. They were working with old farm equipment and tractors and had to tow things with a rope. Somehow he talked daddy into bringing some rope home. He then tied the rope, with help, to his four wheeler and towed a pumpkin around the backyard and through the forest. What little boy doesn't want to tow a pumpkin. He had so much fun. The rope with soon be gone forever and I won't know where it went but he had fun while it lasted. We also went to a birthday party for Mia, Gavin, and Grayson today. It was an awesome November day and the kids were able to play outside. They were even hot in their costumes. Baylor was Mr. Incredible and Coop was Nemo. They decorated pumpkins and made a craft. The kids had a great time.

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