Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What a great day with our family. We truly have so much to be thankful for on this special day. Our family is such a blessing and a huge part of our lives. We had a great dinner at Aunt Von's house. Uncle Jeff really outdid himself and made all of our favorites. Everyone enjoyed great food and fellowship on this Thanksgiving day. After lunch we headed to Mimi's house for games and dessert. What fun. We had a turkey hunt, turkey toss, pin the hat on the turkey, and Thanksgiving Jingo. I must say the prizes were outstanding and even the older adults were excited to win. Thanks Mama for contributing such great prizes. Mimi also got in her stash and gave everyone a special present today. I got the cutest ornament and Baylor came away like a bandit. We had so much fun and enjoyed this special day with our family.

On this Thanksgiving Day here are some of the things I am thankful for.

My Savior's love:

I am so thankful for the promises of God and how comforted I am by the promises of our heavenly father. I am thankful for my church family, bible study, and Mops groups. All of these help me grow spiritually and look at what is really important in life.


How blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband. He truly is my best friend and confidant. I know he is always there for me and loves me unconditionally. I feel so lucky and look forward to many more years with him.

Baylor and Cooper:

These boys mean the world to me. I am so in love with them and feel so privileged to be their mommy. They teach me new things everyday and make me want to be a better mom. I love watching them and experiencing life through their eyes.

Mom and Dad:

My parents are so special to me. I feel so blessed to have had them in my life and for them to be such important role models and pillars of strength. They truly will do anything for me and continue to go out of their way for their family. I love spending time with them and love talking with them and being together.


My little brother is quite an amazing young man. I love it when he is home and miss him terribly when he is gone. He has always been so special to me. I love it that he always says "I love you" when we talk on the phone. I do love him.`


I could go on and on, but my entire family is so special. Each person is special in their own way and has taught me something about myself or life in general. What a blessing to have so many special people.


Home truly is where your story begins. I love my house and all that is means. I love it that my boys came home to this house and there are so many memories in every room. I love spending time with my family here.


This year especially I am thankful for my freedom and all it entails. What a gift.


I am thankful for my friends and all they do for me. It is so nice to have special people to experience life with and go through important events together.

Psalm 107: 1

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

his love endures forever.

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