Thursday, November 13, 2008

Car Parade

Yes, we finally did get our Christmas pictures taken today. Last week we were scheduled and then all of us except Coop ended up getting sick. I can't remember feeling as bad as I did last week. I was so disappointed that we missed pictures but they wouldn't have been good because we all looked terrible. Luckily Gina was able to reschedule, but unfortunately the wonderful fall weather of last Thursday was not present today. We can't wait to get the pictures back. While it seems chaotic at the time she always gets great shots. Keeping two busy boys in the same picture is quite a feat. After pictures we came home and played. Baylor was busy with his hot wheels today. He wanted to have a car parade. He made a long car train from our bedroom door all the way to the game room door. If only we had more cars he wanted to make small trains into each bedroom. I guess he can add that to his Christmas list. The list grows longer and longer by the day.

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