Monday, November 10, 2008

Power of Prayer

Recently I have been consumed with praying for other people. I often feel myself having a hard time going to sleep at night and am praying for people in my head. I also like to pray while I am driving in the car or have time alone like in the shower. Since Mops started this year, I have really focused on praying for the ladies in my group and their children. At the same time, I have been praying for my own children. While this seems like a given it is something that I need to focus on more and more. Like others, I feel I get stuck in the rut of praying only when something goes wrong or there is a problem. I want to pray for my children for their hearts, paths, daily walk with Christ etc. I have really been praying for Cooper and his eating problems lately and definitely can see the power of prayer. I remember when we thought Cooper might have down syndrome and the only thing that brought me strength was prayer and the grace of God. My mom said how calm I was but really I was praying and trusting God that he had a perfect plan. I have been reading a blogof a mother that has started a prayer campaign. She is the wife of a singer in the Christian group Selah. They lost a baby in the spring and she started this blog after that traumatic experience. I love her writing and her Christian views are so refreshing. She is starting to pray for her girls seven times a day. I love the verses she applies to her prayers and how they fit into everyday life. Click the button to look at the prayers. This will really help us in some of our problem areas of the day, getting dressed with a joyful heart. I am going to try and do this for longer than seven days and make it more of a lifestyle. More than anyone I should be praying for my precious baby boys.

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