Friday, November 21, 2008

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

This little cub had a great time.
Joe and Megan could feel the love.

Mommy, Dadddy and Baylor before going into the theatre. (The flash was having trouble)

I just can't wait to be king.

Tonight we went to the Lion King. What an amazing show. Daddy, Mommy, Baylor, Joe and Megan all went together for a great night of singing and dancing. Baylor was a little unsure of where we were going and thought he should stay with Mimi at first. He told me he had seen the movie lots of times before. Once the first song started and the amazing costumes started pouring out he was hooked. He said the elephants and giraffes were his favorites. We had a fabulous time and were entertained throughout the night. Baylor loved every minute of the show. When Mufasa died he whispered in my ear that he did not want that to happen to his daddy. How sweet. He loved "Hakuna Matata" and "I Just Can't Wait To Be King". When he was 2 we would play that part in the movie over and over and he would sing and dance at the top of his lungs. Oh how he has grown. When the show was over Baylor said, "That was amazing and that was the bestest show I have ever seen". I think we all agreed with him.

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