Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Fun

Some of the dragon items he made in class.
I may have trouble eating, but this chocolate chip cookie is easy to eat and tastes great!!

Baylor loves to dig but hates to wear the goggles.

Baylor gave Coop a train ticket.

Open mouth kisses are the best, slobber and all.

Oh how I love this crazy kid.

The boys had fun playing together today.
Why is it that Saturday are always the best? As a kid I would long for Saturday when we could have the whole day off. When I was working I felt Saturday was my only free day, and know I love the day we can spend the time as a family. Today was one of those great days. We went to the museum this morning and both boys had a great time. Baylor had a class about dragons and made some great crafts. It was nice for Baylor and daddy to have some time together. During the class Coop and I rode the carousel and went to play scape. Cooper really thinks he has hit the big time. For months he has gone to the museum and sat in the stroller but not anymore. He is now on the loose. After class we went to a few more exhibits and had lunch. It was a great time. Tonight we went to one of my favorite place to eat, Paradise Bakery. While I love it Tom hates it, but it is all about compromise, right? We went shopping and played in Pottery Barn Kids. It is nice to have days where we spend the whole day together.

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