Friday, November 7, 2008

Pick and Choose

Can you tell who won this battle? One guess it was not mom.
A little lunch outside with the fam.
Watch out the Hurst boys are cruising.
Look at me, I really am soooo big!

School mornings are always a little crazy around here. Baylor is not always the most cooperative in the morning. He doesn't ever want to get dressed. I mean how could he put on anything other than Fiesta. He doesn't like the choices I have for him for school. He wants to wear dirty clothes, by that he means not anything nice or with buttons. He definitely is not a fan of brushing his hair or teeth. So this is how he wore his hair today. I mean really sometimes it is not worth the fight. He wanted spiky hair and to wear hair gel like his dad. We always say he looks like Lewis from Meet the Robinsons and today he truly did look like that at school. Now if he was a genius like Lewis the hair could stay everyday. We will have to see he just may be a genius scientist some day. After school we had an impromptu picnic outside and then played for a bit. I mean how fun to have two boys playing together. The truck is the new favorite item around our house. Baylor loves being able to drive his brother and Cooper is in awe to be a passenger. Oh what fun.

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