Monday, November 17, 2008

Half My Life

I can hardly believe this is true but today marks a special milestone in my life. I have now had Tom in my life for 14 years. It was on this day in 1994 that Tom asked me at the end of the school day if he could call me that night. He was older than me and a little bit of a trouble maker but I said yes. I remember coming home and telling mom and waiting by the phone. I talked to him in the living room for a long time that night and it was the beginning of a lifelong love. We became an official couple, in the high school dating kind of way on his birthday, Dec. 27 1994. I guess I never thought that at 14 years old I would find my soul mate but that is how it happened. I feel so lucky to have Tom and to have known him for so long. We have been together during such important milestones and have been able to experience so much in life together. At times it really it hard to remember a time without him.
I love you Tom, D+1+1+1(+1+1)

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