Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vincent Van Gogh

Baylor's paper sunflowers in his orange vase.
So this is sideways, but I thought it was really good so I added it anyway. Miss Anna had the kids practice making sunflowers and showed them step by step. Then they had to draw their picture from a flower vase on the table and then paint. He really did great.

Look at the determination on his face.

Baylor holding his leaf rubbing.
Baylor has enjoyed saying Van Gogh today and thinks it is funny to say it faster and faster. They learned about warm colors and Van Gogh in art class today. He knew about Starry Starry Night from listening to the Josh Groban song on daddy's ipod. He told Miss Anna about the song at art class. Baylor and Emma did a great job painting and doing leaf rubbings today. They really had a good time and enjoyed all the individual attention. We really missed Maddy at class today, but her baby brother Jackson was born last night. Welcom to the world Jackson Owen. We can't wait to meet you. Baylor is so excited to see him and see how big he is and if he looks like Maddy and Drew. He really says the funniest things. Here are some of the art samples from today. His sunflower painting really turned out great.

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