Wednesday, November 26, 2008


While there have been many tears shed today we are rejoicing in the promises of God. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Grandma is in heaven singing and dancing. Today I have spent time thinking about special memories of my Grandma Shadday. Here are some of my favorites.

*When I was little we would play The 3 Little Pigs in her shower. We would take turns being the pigs and the wolf. We would also play airplane and line dining room chairs across her living room. She would give us snacks to pass out and pretend we were going on a trip. She would also play with us when we were at her house.

*She always called me sweetie.

*She loved to play games. She didn't just watch the kids play she always wanted to play with us and loved teaching us new games.

*She loved to read to us. She had a love of children's books. When I started teaching she came to my class as a mystery reader. She read Make Way for Ducklings, which was one of her favorites.

*She loved doing crafts with us.

*She was the first person I played school with and loved being the teacher.

*She was never worried about us making a mess or breaking things, but cherished the times we were there and able to play.

*She made a great angel food cake with homemade icing. Still one of my personal favorites.

*She loved to sing. I can remember when she took me to the symphony for Mister Roger's. There was a sing along and she sang her heart out. The man behind us told her how beautiful her voice was and it truly was pretty. Whenever our family was together music was always involved. She loved to sing with her family and listen to them sing.

*She loved taking her grand kids places. She would take us to the zoo, fair, museum, special events, etc.

*She loved Jesus.

*She was a great seamstress and made several of our costumes and special clothes. I am so happy that she was able to make Cooper's costume this year.

*At her house she had a super swivel rocker that she would let us spin and play in all the time. She never was worried about us breaking it.

*She was very calm and humble.

*I am so grateful that she knew my boys and was able to hold them and love them. The pictures I have are special treasures.

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