Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Watching, Crafting, and Reading

Baylor loves using glitter glue.

Frosty the Snowman, a childhood classic.

Cooper loved using a marker.
Christmas books are everywhere.
Sarah gave Baylor this scratch and sniff Christmas book. It is one of his favorites.

Cooper is kissing Rudolph while we were dancing.

The boys have had a great day at home. The boys did get dressed this morning only to put on matching Christmas feet pajamas. Baylor loves to wear these and opted for this as his clothing choice for the day. He wanted Coop to match. We had fun reading lots of Christmas books. While Baylor enjoys listening to all the books Cooper especially enjoys loading and unloading the box of Christmas books over and over again. We also watching Frosty and Rudolph and had a little dance party to the music. Cooper is just starting to really dance and he had lots of fun. Baylor started on his Christmas crafts for presents and he worked very hard. Cooper wanted to be a part so he even made an ornament and got to use markers with my help. We are really feeling the Christmas spirit.

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