Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Van Gogh Sequel

This icing is yummy.
The birthday girl working hard on her snack.

Baylor working on his swirls and circles. Not sure why he wanted to leave his coat on, I usually can't get him to put it on.

Baylor's version of Starry Starry Night.

The real deal, don't you see the similarities.

At art class today the kids focused on Vincent Van Gogh again today. They talked about cool colors and techniques Van Gogh used in his painting. Emma and Baylor were excited because they both like blue and green the best and they are cool colors. Oh how exciting. They learned that Van Gogh never did straight lines but made circles and swirls. That was a little hard for them when they were painting. They did practice samples and then made their own starry starry night picture. Too cute. For snack Baylor brought the ice cream cone cornucopias and once again this was a huge hit. The icing was everywhere but it sure was fun.

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