Thursday, July 15, 2010

Water Day

A great time was had by all!
Baylor bought Mama this glass dolphin in Florida and we forgot to bring it last time we saw her. He couldn't wait to give it to her.
Maddy giving Coop a ride.
The rafts were their ships.
Mama passed out popsicles.
Parker got one too.
They were a big hit with all the kids.
They had fun with all the pool toys.
Drew is so sweet.
Maddy is so adorable, I just love her and so does Baylor!
Happy Birthday Maddy!
We got her a new Tinkerbell backpack and lunch box for school and a Polly Pocket set.
I think Coop was more happy with his McDonald's toy than his lunch. He had a snack while bubby was at bible school and I don't think he was hungry.
Parker loved watching all the kids eat.
Jack was loving the fries.
The big order totally confused McDonald's and we ended up with an extra happy meal and fries and apples for everyone. There was tons of food.
I am so thankful my kids can grow up with this sweet family. We had a great day!
Today was water day at bible school. It was really hot and the perfect weather to get wet while outside. When we got there Baylor saw the big dunk tank and said I am not going in there. He knows all about the dunk tank from Daddy's work party and he was nervous. When we picked him up though he was so excited to tell me that he went in the dunk tank and how fun it was. They also played water games, relays, water balloons and much more. After bible school we went to Mama's house to swim with Maddy, Drew, and Jack. Maddy celebrated her 6th birthday on July 10 and we wanted to give her a present and celebrate with her too. We all ate McDonald's outside and had fun swimming and playing together. The kids had so much fun together and loved swimming. Jamie also made delicious cookie sandwiches that were a big hit along with lots of Popsicles. In the evening we were supposed to get family pictures but the thunderstorms and pouring rain altered outdoor pictures plans. Since we were all ready we went to dinner at Champps and had a great meal.

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