Friday, July 9, 2010

Holy Spirit Festival

There was lots for Parker to see which made him happy.
Baylor and Cooper love having fun with their Daddy.
100 balls and 10 dollars later Baylor finally won a fish.
Somehow Cooper won a fish on the third ball he threw.
Cooper was really good and Daddy was trying to help B.
The boys are a sucker for any game where they can win a fish.
They loved the fun house.
They went three times in a row.
Baylor went on a bigger ride with Daddy and Coop was so upset. He wanted to go too, he has no fear! Thankfully the drink was enough to get him under control.
Go Baylor!
The fishing game was a favorite! Cooper was trying to become a part of the game.
They picked the motorcycles.
I don't know how he slept through all the excitement.
Hi Dad!
Having a corn dog with "no skin". He really just wants a hot dog on a stick.
Tonight we all went to the Holy Spirit festival. The boys were so excited when we got there and they saw all there was to do. It was super crowded and really hot but we all enjoyed the night together. Tom and I saw lots of friends from high school and had a fun time. We all enjoyed our "fair" food dinner and cotton candy for a treat. What a fun night!


d_freestone said...

What a wonderful time!! Who sponsors this festival? The pictures of the boys were GREAT! Cooper and his pop...his eyes are as big as saucers! Thank you for sharing!

Nicole said...

Whoa! Who is that skinny, young guy in the picture with Baylor and Cooper?!? ;o)