Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

School starts two weeks from today.
By the kindergarten wing. This morning the boys and I were all laying in bed and Baylor was saying he didn't want to go to school. Cooper was rubbing his head and he said, "don't worry bubby it will be "sun" , you will like school". There are moments of such sweetness with those two boys, but they come in between fighting and arguing:)

In front of the library.
There is a big open play area in the kindergarten wing.
We saw Maddy and Drew.
Too cool for school?
Today was registration at school for Baylor. He was a little nervous but excited to go. He was able to talk to the principal, secretaries and a few other staff members. I gave him a tour of the building and showed him where his class would be and the other rooms he would visit. He thinks the library and the gym look like so much fun. When we left he said he thinks he will like his new school. We have been reading lots of books about kindergarten and going to school and have really been talking up the whole school experience. I am hoping he has a great year and loves his school!

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