Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimming Day Two

Parker was happy even though it was hot!
In between swimming laps Jake and Baylor play with the noodle or do a game to take a breather.
Working on his strokes.
Parker spent some time in the house with Mama where it was nice and cool.
Coop did great today, he was kicking away!
Painting Curious George.
Love him!
Parker liked watching.
He had a rainbow cat.
The pets turned out really cute.
Swimming lessons went great today. Baylor is really enjoying his time in the water with Jake and thinks he is quite fun. They were playing games and squirting each other with the noodle in between lap practices from one end to the other. Baylor was working on the breath stroke and free style today and also worked on the back stroke. He is really doing a great job and is such a good little swimmer. Cooper was ready for swimming today and was eager to start. They worked on kicking from one end to the other and working on arm movements. Jake was playing chase with him to get him to move faster and kick harder.
Since Tom has been traveling this week we have been trying to stay busy at night to pass the time. The boys worked on painting and had a great time. They were quite proud of all their goodies and Parker had fun watching.

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