Friday, July 16, 2010

Yeehaw Cowboy!

Rootin Tootin Cowboys!
I love this cowboy.
He had a great week with Maddy.
The water shoots up so high.
Waiting for blast off.
They liked to make the rocket hover.
Parker had fun watching all the water fun.
They were laughing and giggling the whole time.
Today was the last day of bible school and Baylor was actually really sad. He has had a great week. He has loved working on his bible verse, getting his money ready for offering each morning, and dressing as a cowboy each day and getting to wear his boots. Cooper has been saying yeehaw cowboy every day and wearing his hat too. Coop has been such a trooper this week watching his brother go each day and wishing he could go too. I think he is really glad that cowboy bible school is over. After bible school I took the boys to the library to get their prizes for the summer reading club. They each got to pick a book and then checked out a stack of books. Afterwards we went to Mimi's house for lunch and to play. Mimi bought a new Buzz Lightyear sprinkler that the boys have been dying to check out. They had so much fun in the back yard. The sprinkler is so neat, it shoots a big rocket off. They were running around chasing each other playing in the water. It was hot outside but the water and being in the shade made it feel cool. Parker loved watching them play and I know he will join in the fun next summer.

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