Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cousin Day at the Pool

Baylor and Jake
In between lap swimming Jake plays with the boys as a reward. They play hide and go seek and use the kickboards to hide. Coop loves it!
Sweet Ethan!
Katie and Parker.
Parker was floatless because somehow his yellow float got popped. Can you guess how?
Baylor loves Ethan!
Cousin Crew
Next summer Katie's baby can join in the fun too! We can't wait to find out if it will be a baby boy or girl. What a blessing.

We had swimming lessons again this morning. Mimi watched Parker for me while the boys had lessons. After swimming we went to pick up Parker and then headed back for a pool day with Jenny, Ethan, and Katie. The boys were so excited to swim with everyone today. Ethan is crawling all over and pulling up on things. He is so cute and sweet and really on the move. Parker just smiles at him and they love to look at each other. We ordered pizza and spent the whole afternoon at the pool. It was another hot day and perfect weather for swimming. I loved spending time with my cousins when I was little and am so glad my boys will have cousins too! I had fun with Jen and Kate and it was a great day!

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