Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cousins at Snapperz

Cute cousins
The boys.
Playing my favorite game.
They loved this rollercoaster ride.
Park rode the Dino.
Baylor and Katie rode several times together.
Taking his brother for a ride. They were so sweaty from playing.
Aunt Annie and Parker.
Racing on the slide, I think Baylor started early:)
Coop had so much fun with Cody.
He's such a sweet boy!
Go Cooper!
Swimming with Jake.
While Bubby was swimming he had a snack and sat with Mama.

This morning we had swimming and then hurried and got ready to meet Aunt Annie, Katie, and Cody. Parker stayed with Mimi again during swimming since it was so hot and we picked him up and then headed to Snapperz. We got there right when it opened at noon and it was not crowded at all. The kids had most of the inflatables to themselves at first. They had so much fun together and were dripping with sweat. Cody was so nice to the boys and was a great help with Cooper. Baylor loved playing with Katie and Cooper thinks she's really cute. We ate lunch and then the kids got cards to play the games. They had fun and got tickets to buy some great junk! Before leaving they played more and were not ready to leave, but Mr. Parker was ready to go and was starving! The boys talked about how much fun they had the whole way home. Thanks for a great day Aunt Annie, Katie, and Cody.

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