Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Potty Training Boot Camp

Look who's ready for boot camp!
He picked Buzz and Woody for his first pair.
He was doing a little potty dance.
Parker provided the music for the dancing.
His underwear was all ready to go on his floor.
Boot camp started this morning for Cooper. While on vacation he has been using the potty several times a day and even got out of the pool to go tinkle. He says, " I think it sounds like tinkle", when he has to go. Last night we got out all of his underwear and he picked out which pair he wanted to wear first. We all made a big deal about it and were really excited. This morning he woke up and went potty right away and the underwear wearing started. He did go on the potty several times today and was quite proud. We did have several accidents though and went through several pairs of underwear but we are working on it. Coop wore a diaper for nap and at bedtime. I'm still not sure how tomorrow will go since we have to go to the eye doctor and take his brothers to the doctor for a physical and checkup. I truly was spoiled with Baylor who wore underwear one day and never had an accident!

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