Saturday, July 10, 2010

Football and Party Time

He was giving a football face.
Are you ready for some football?
Daddy's first time to feed Parker cereal and fruit.
He was happy to hang out with Dad.
Baylor climbing the water wall to go down the water slide.
Jumping fun!
Wyatt had a fun spiderman party.
It started to pour but the boys loved being out in the rain. They were already wet and thought it was great!
Opening B's present.
Pop and Parker watched the football fun from the golf cart.
A little lesson on carrying the ball.
This morning Daddy took Baylor for his football weigh in and to turn in his physical form. Tom registered Baylor while we were in Florida and he was so excited. Tom talked to him about football but let the decision be totally up time him. This was a big thing for his Daddy the football fanatic, but Baylor really did make up his own mind. After signing up they went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get his equipment since it was a discount day for New Pal Youth League. He was so funny when he got home. He raced up the stairs to show me his pads, pants, and new shoes. Then the real fun started. He said I am so embarrassed I had to get a cup. He said if I wear it I will look like a have a ginormous ..... He went on to compare it to a mountain or meatball if he had to wear it. I seriously was trying to stay straight faced but I lost it and was so stinking hilarious. Baylor had to hurry and get ready for a birthday party for his friend from preschool. Baylor was looking forward to Wyatt's birthday. They had a huge inflatable water slide and a bounce house. The kids all had a great time. I stayed with him at the party and had fun watching him interact with his friends. He is definitely in a leader in a group of peers. He was so nice to Wyatt and kept getting him more food or whatever he asked for. He said it was his special day and he wanted to help. After nap time we grilled out for dinner and played outside. The boys went on a long golf cart ride to the horse farm with Pop and had a fantastic time. They have been dying to get there again. They also played football in the front yard with Daddy. Cooper wants to do everything just like his brother. He had a rough time today when Baylor got to do all the fun things by himself. He thinks he is the same age and doesn't understand the age gap even if we go over and over it. He was happy to play in the yard with his pals at the end of the day.

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