Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smokin HOT!

Baylor playing a Dr. Seuss game at the library.
Happy to be in the pool.
Quite a raft full!
Swimming for Daddy.
We love Chili's!
These boys are super silly.
It was sooooo very hot today! We had lots of ideas for fun activities outside but thought we would swelter outside. Daddy and the boys made us waffles, french toast, eggs, and sausage for breakfast. They love to help cooCheck Spellingk with Daddy and did such a great job. After breakfast Baylor, Parker and I went to the library and Daddy and Coop went to get a few things at Walmart. Baylor has been working hard on the summer reading program at the library and we needed to go to get the next prize. While we were there we checked out lots of books on going to kindergarten and school. He is getting a little nervous so I thought this would help ease some of his fears. He also played a computer game and checked out the library gerbils. It is so much easier to go to the library without Cooper. I am always afraid he is going to run right out the door when I am trying to help Baylor with a game or find a book. When we got home we all got our suits on and packed lunches and headed to Mama's pool. The boys were excited to swim with Daddy. We all had a great time and stayed cool in the pool. Baylor was back to butterfly catching and caught 4 today at Mama's house. All of her beautiful flowers attract lots of butterflies. After nap we went to Chili's for dinner in honor of Uncle Joe and then to the Christmas Tree Shop. It was a great Saturday!

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d_freestone said...

Sounds like your Saturday was PERFECT! Floating in the pool and going to Chili's would have been my favorites!!!! Your boys (all 4 of them) look GREAT and so do you! Thank you for sharing!