Sunday, July 11, 2010

Splash Pad

He loved the horse water guns.
What a fun swing.
Captain Baylor!
Sporting a little sunscreen faux hawk.
Loving to slide down the pole.
He loved the water.
B thought it was really cold!
The splash park is so much fun!
Snoozing in the shelter at lunch.
Having a little Subway.
He loves flat bread with turkey, cheese and pickles.
My boys before church.
This morning we went to church and everyone was really excited to get there after being on vacation. Cooper has really missed his "school" and kept asking when we were going back. Everyone time we pass church he says there's my school. Afterwards we came home and changed, stopped at Subway and headed to the Fisher's Splash Pad. The boys were so excited to go to the park. It was not very crowded and they loved playing in the water and on the big playground. Parker took a little snooze and then enjoyed hanging out and watching the big boys play. He just smiles and talks to them watching their every move. He is so in love with both of them! After the park we headed for a treat at Dippin Dots. I love it there and so do the boys. On our way home we stopped at Pappaw and Mammaw's house for a visit. The boys had fun visiting and playing at their house. For dinner we went to Mimi and Pop's house for hamburgers and then the boys went on a long golf cart ride. While they were gone Mimi watched Parker and Tom and I went to Mama's house to collect all the items we have been storing for the food pantry auction. Let the baskets begin!

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