Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun Family Saturday

Parker was checking out Darth Vadar.
It was neat to see all the characters.
Parker's proud of his Pop.
He loves his Mimi!
The choir warming up, Pop is on the back row.
He is such a good swimmer.
Trying not to drop any of his popsicle.
Showing off!
He loves the water.
He had fun with Mama too.
This morning Baylor and Cooper both woke up early and were ready to go. Tom had to go run errands and he took the big boys with him. They had to take Pappaw's jet skis to the boat store, get Baylor's helmet, and to the tractor store. On the way home they went to Pappaw and Mammaw's house for a visit. While they were gone Parker and I slept in which was so nice and then we had breakfast. It was a nice quiet morning and I enjoyed spending time with Parker. Since it was so hot we decided to spend the rest of the day at the pool. We stopped and got Subway for lunch and then went to Mama's house to swim. We had fun swimming and playing together at the pool. The boys love to play in the water with their Daddy. It was so much fun. After swimming we all came home and took great naps. We were all worn out from the fun in the sun. In the evening Parker and I went with Mimi and Pop to Symphony on the Prairie. The Symphonic choir was singing with the symphony so Pop got to sing both nights. Mimi and I drove with him and were able to park in the special parking area and he helped us get to our spot. It was Sci Fi night so Parker got his picture taken with some Star Wars characters. The music was great and we enjoyed the performance. During intermission it started to lightning and then rain. They postponed the show and eventually canceled it for the night. We still had fun and were able to enjoy the first half and even got rain checks to go to another night this summer. While we were at the symphony Tom took the boys to go see Despicable Me. They were excited to go to the movie with their Daddy. Tom said Coop was a little scared in a few parts but they both said it was good and had fun. We all had a great Saturday and loved our time together.

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d_freestone said...

Sleeping in and then a nap, too??? Add in a concert, albeit 1/2 of a concert...that sounds like a perfect day to me! Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing!