Friday, July 16, 2010

Middle Eastern Festival

All ready for a fun night.
I'm so blessed to be his Mommy, I love him so!
He had a chicken gyro, but it wasn't his favorite meal ever.
He was looking for the rides like the last festival:)
Carl and Nicole are so fun to be with and are such great friends.
Coop loves Eli.
He loved the watermelon and was liking the juice out of the container.
Baylor is so sweet to Parker.
Coop was reading his Elmo book to Eli.
Baylor and Eli were playing ball.
Parker was laughing and giggling with Nicole.
Having fun.
Carl was like Alice and got stuck in the house. Eli was trying to help his Daddy.

I look forward to this festival each year. I love the food and poor Tom goes because he loves me. Grape leaves and all the Syrian food is not his favorite, but we all had a great time. Carl, Nicole, and Mr. Eli went with us and we were so excited to see them. It was so hot even though it was in the evening. We were all dripping but the food was oh so good! I ate 10 grape leaves and savored each and every bite. After my delicious meal I had baklava which I love too and got some to go. After the festival the Eli came over to play. The boys had so much fun with him. He is so cute and walking around like a big boy. I can't believe he is one! We had a great night with our friends.

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