Monday, July 26, 2010

Pool Time and Library Carnival

Great Job Coop!
Baylor making some big splashes with his kicking.
He's working on breathing.
Can you tell he had a fudge pop?
Yes that's Parker's float!
What a silly guy!
Sweet happy baby!
Mama and the butterfly catcher.
Hard at work.
Coop shared his watermelon with Mama.
Parker was trying to get Mama's bracelets.
We need some work on our golf skills!
Ring toss up close!
He made a bracelet and a butterfly.
Holding on tight to the candy:)
We saw Maddy too.
Coop's missing, he kept running out of the pic.
The booth at Little Mexico.
The carvings are so neat!
We started our second week of swimming lessosn this morning with Jake. The boys were excited to get back in the pool and swim with Jake. They did great and are really working hard in swimming lessons. After lessons we stayed and swam at the pool for the day. I brought the boys lunches with us and Mama ate outside with us and watched the boys swim. It was super hot again and it felt great to be in the pool. We had fun swimming and playing together. The boys brought their butterfly nets to catch butterflies today. I think Baylor ended up catching six and had so much fun chasing after them. He always lets them go but likes to catch them and check them out up close. Cooper was using his net as a fishing pole so it may not last too long! After swimming we went home and changed and got ready for the library carnival. We have been busy reading books through the summer reading program and this was an end of summer carnival. The boys had a great time and loved all the games. It was not very crowded when we were there and they were able to do all the games and make crafts. They left with a prize, balloon, and a flavor ice. It was great! In the evening Mimi, Parker, and I ran errands and went looking for some items for the food pantry auction. We ended the night at Little Mexico which was the cutest restaurant and had great food!

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