Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shore Day

Crazy crew
Parker was a happy boy once again.
Checking it all out.
Handsome boy.
Turtle ride fun.
He thought this was Popeye.
Mimi and Park before dinner.
So fun.
Board brothers
Running on the boards.
Taking time to play.
He loves to watch his brothers. He's soaking it all in so he can be a part in the future.
Looking for cocina shells.

We sat right down by the water today and the boys brought their boogie board. The waves were big again and they were perfect for riding waves. Mimi took Baylor out first and helped him and he had so much fun. He was laughing and having the best time. Cooper tried it too but it was a little hard with his tube and the waves were too big without the tube. They both had fun standing on the boards right by the shore and sitting on them. Coop was busy with all his shovels and buckets too. We all had fun looking for cocina shells by the shore. Cooper was actually really good at getting them. After the beach we went to the pool and the boys ate lunch at the pool. They had fun swimming with the kids and Baylor was able to stay longer again with Mimi. Tonight we went back to the Philippi Creek. We haven't been there in years and then twice in just a few days. Both boys wanted to go back and the food was really good. We all loved it. It started to rain again right after dinner so sunset was out and we went to a few stores before heading home for the night.

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d_freestone said...

Love the Phillipi Creek "House" dressing.... Well worth the trip! Some of my friends love the crab legs, there. It's the only thing they eat there! Sorry the sunset was rained out... That happens during hurricane season! Enjoy your precious last days!!!