Friday, July 30, 2010

County Fair

Parker had fun at the fair.
Ready to buzz by.
What a fun night!
Baylor and Tom went on the moon rocket ride that goes upside down, Baylor's pick, and Tom's phone fell out of his pocket at the top and shattered. Needless to say, his calls were "breaking" up a bit afterwards.
His iphone is in need of serious repairs:)
We saw the Browns at the fair and Coop loved on Gabrielle. I love this picture, good for their graduation video since they will be in the same grade and school.
I could kiss him all day long!
I got to ride on the ferris wheel with B, I love the ferris wheel. It felt so good and was so pretty. Cooper wasn't tall enough and he was really upset.
One of the lone animals left.
Baylor riding Teddy.

Cooper on Starbuck. He went on three pony rides and wanted to go again and again!
There was a dock dog competition that was fun to watch.
We have been wanting to go to the fair but it has been so hot! Today was perfect weather and the evening was even better. We ate dinner at the fair and had a great time. The boys rode rides, rode the ponies, and went in a few barns. The fair ended on Saturday so there weren't many animals left. We will go to the State fair though and go through all the barns. I love spending time with my boys and having fun together!

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jamie said...

That picture with Tom on his phone is hilarious. That's pretty bad:(