Friday, July 2, 2010

Rain, Rain

Happy movie goer!
He doesn't like to wear the 3D glasses.
He was catching raindrops in his stroller.
Playing together.
Can you tell it was raining!
Catching raindrops while swimming.
Jackson and Baylor having fun with torpedos.
Rainy day fun!
After having great weather the whole time we woke up to grey skies this morning. I went on a walk and it started to sprinkle and it looked so dark over the ocean. It was thundering or lightning and the boys wanted to go swimming so we went in the rain. It rained off and on while we were there but the boys didn't seem to mind. They actually thought it was fun to swim in the rain. We were there with Jackson who the boys have played with all week and they all had a great time. We came in for lunch and decided we better have a plan for the rest of the day. We got ready and ate lunch at Chick-fil-a and then went and saw Toy Story 3 again. Parker slept through the whole movie and the older boys sat great. We all loved seeing the movie again. I could actually see it a few more times.

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d_freestone said...

Chick-fil-a!!! Yummm! We don't have those around here, so I always enjoy a taste, when I am in Fla.
Thank you, so much for sharing your adventures, on SK. I almost felt like I was with you all, which helps me miss it less....