Monday, July 19, 2010

First Day of Swimming Lessons

Parker was so happy at the pool today and was giggling and laughing when we were bouncing in the water.
Cooper and Jake
Working on backstroke. Baylor told Jake he had really long arms and that's why it was easier for him.
Great job Baylor.
They were trying to catching butterflies in the yard too, but they were really fast.
Great hair dude!
While Baylor was swimming Cooper played playdoh and Parker snoozed.
Then Baylor played playdoh and Cooper swam.
Parker spent some time in the house in his bouncer with Mama since it was so hot.
Mama ate lunch with us outside. The boys love her!
Papa ate with us too.

For the past two summers Miss Sarah has taught swimming lessons to Baylor at Mama and Papa's pool. He has loved her and learned so much. When I talked to her in the spring she told me she was staying at college for the summer and was not coming home. I was sad and started to look for a new swim teacher. Right about this time the high school swim team was finishing their season and one swimmer in particular made it to state. Jake goes to our church and was actually in my class when he was in first and second grade. I can't believe he is now going to be a Junior in high school. One Sunday I asked him if he may want to teach swimming and he said yes. He was one of my favorite students in school for so many reasons. He was cute as a button, so smart, very outgoing, had a great personality, and was a little bit of a troublemaker. Looking back many of my favorite students were boys, Drew, Jake, Marshall, Andrew, Alex, Cameron, Chad, Jacob, Kip, Jalen, Gunnar, Brett and many more. I think the Lord was preparing me to be a mom of little boys in my teaching career. They made teaching so much fun. Well back to swimming... Today was our first day of lessons with Mr. Jake. We got there early and got everyone ready. I wasn't sure how it would go with all three but they did good. While Baylor was swimming I put Cooper in his booster and let him play playdoh. Then when it was Cooper's turn we switched. Like always, Parker was an angel baby and took a nap in his stroller in the shade. I brought his bouncer too so he spent some time in the house. The boys had fun with Jake and I think lessons will go great over the next two weeks. Cooper didn't last too long today. I don't think he was quite sure about listening to someone new or doing new things in the pool. He kept saying I don't know how to do swimming lessons. I know he has no fear in the pool though and wants to keep up with his brother. After lessons we stayed at the pool and swam for the rest of the day. I brought food for the boys and made their lunches and we ate outside. Mama and Papa came out too for lunch. We all had a good time at the pool today.

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d_freestone said...

Great, Great pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!!