Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doctor X 3

So thankful his eye healed so well and that everything looks great.
Baylor was embarrassed to death that he had to take his shirt and shorts off and wait for the doctor. He acted so shy when she was talking to him which is not him at all!
He weighed 55 pounds and was 45 1/2 inches tall. She said he is a muscular little boy. She gave him a great book that he loved when he was done. He was so happy to be shot free and not have to come back for a year.
His ears also looked great so if he did have swimmer's ear while on vacation they are free and clear now.

Parker loved having his big brother with him. He is not embarrassed of hanging out in his diaper. Parker weight 23 pounds 4 ounces and was 27 3/4 inches. He is is the 95 percentile in weight and 75 percentile in height. His head is still in the 50 percentile. Dr. Greenfield said he looks great and is really strong. He was quite happy while we were there and was talking up a storm. He had to get four shots but hardly even made a peep. His big brother was quite impressed with how brave he was.
It was so hot today so while we were running errands we stopped at Steak n Shake for Happy Hour.
Who doesn't love Happy Hour? Cookies n cream milkshakes for two cute boys I know.
While we were gone Pappaw fell off a deck and hurt his knee. He had to have surgery and is going to go through lots of therapy. The boys have been worried about him and were anxious to see him and check out his boo boo.
While visiting Pappaw gave all three boys a special pocket knife that was his dad's, Grandpa Walker, to keep for when they were older. They were excited to show me when I got home.

Today all three boys had appointments for various reasons and it was one busy day. This morning Cooper had to go to the eye doctor to get his eye checked out from our incident in Florida. Thankfully Mimi was able to watch Parker and Baylor so I just took Cooper. He was a great little patient and got right up in the chair. As soon as we walked into the office he announced to everyone that his bubby poked him in the eye and it hurt really really bad but now it is better. He is quite dramatic. Dr. Potter checked it out and he was good to go. Cooper loves looking at all the instruments and the "flashlight" is a favorite. We ate lunch at Mimi's and then went to Target and Hobby Lobby before our next set of appointments. Baylor needed a physical for football and a current health form on file for school and Parker had his six month appointment. It was during nap time so Mimi stayed with Cooper while he slept and I took Parker and Baylor. They fit the boys in at the end of the day and it was really crowded and we had to wait for what seemed like forever but the boys did great. Baylor was paranoid he was going to have to get a shot but he had a shot free appointment. In the evening Daddy took Baylor and Cooper to Mammaw and Pappaw's house for dinner and to visit and I took Parker with me to a meeting at the Beck's house. It sure was a busy day.

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