Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy hair cowboy ready to go.
Two cute kids.
Maddy put straws all over her head and it sure did look crazy!

Drew, Baylor, and Maddy.
Parker loves playing on the floor with his toys. He thinks he is a big deal!
Coop loved playing with playdoh.
Snoozing on the way to the mall.
Baylor and Katie.
Mimi bought us all a Christmas ornament at Hallmark. Katie picked the Peanute one, it is so cute!
Parker was such a good baby.

When Baylor woke up this morning he started worrying about going to VBS and telling me all the reasons he should not go back. Like any good mom I listened and then told him it would be great and so much fun and he was going to go again. We worked on his Bible verse for the day to practice and got ready for crazy hair day. He looked so cute with his spiked hair and his cowboy accessories. He would not get out of the car until Maddy got there so he could walk in with her. He was fine once he knew she was there. While he was gone Cooper had fun playing with playdoh and Parker had fun bouncing and playing on the floor. I was able to get lots done at home and worked on cleaning the downstairs. When I picked him up he said it was really really fun. I am so glad he liked it today. He told me about the games, the bubbles, the crafts, etc. Mimi, Katie, Parker, and I picked him up early because we were going to lunch and shopping. The boys were so happy to have Katie go with us and Cooper wanted her to push him the whole time. In the evening I went out with a group of girlfriends to Jockamo's Pizza. We had so much fun talking and eating the delicious food. It is so nice to spend time with friends and have some adult time every once in a while:)

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