Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 7 Months!

Happy 7 Months Sweet Sweet Boy!
You truly are a happy happy baby!
I love your little laugh and when you giggle. You make me melt.
Your big blue eyes are so full of expression.
You are also busy and curious about everything. You want to grab anything you can and put it all in your mouth.
I had to move your sign to the top of the rocker.
On your 7 month birthday we went to Frosty Boy for ice cream and you had some of my strawberry whip cone. This is how you felt when I took it away from you.
You are quite ticklish and always laugh when you get your clothes and diaper changed.
You love your toes and are always putting them in your mouth.
Parker today you are seven months old. You are so much fun and have such a great personality. You seriously smile all the time and light up when your family is near. You love to watch your brothers and kick your legs and squeal with delight when they play near you. You are really starting to move like crazy. You roll all over and scoot on your tummy for toys. You can get up on all fours and rock so I know crawling is going to come soon. You are really close to sitting up and if are sitting in front of me you to great playing with toys sitting up. You love to play with your toys and especially love ones that sing, talk, or make noise. We are reading board books but like everything you would prefer to eat them. You also love balls! It is so cute to watch you scoot for them and then work and work once you push it away to get it back. You love to play on the floor and bounce in your jumper and exersaucer. You also like to swim and be outside but if it's too hot you get a little crabby. You are eating your cereal and fruit in the morning and a fruit and vegetable for dinner. I definitely think fruits are your favorite. Peas and green beans make you gag and are by far your least favorite. You also love Popsicles and bites of ice cream. I think you may like sweets too! You are wearing size 4 diapers or borrowing size 6 diapers from your brother if they are near. He's not going to need them any more though so you may just move up to size 5. You are mostly wearing size 12 or 18 months in clothing but still wear some 6-9 depending on the outfit. I finally found you new jammies in size 18 months and they fit great. I think this may have been your last time on the scale. You are a little too big for the baby scale which makes me sad. When I tried to weigh you today you were at 24 pounds but were moving like crazy so I'm not sure how accurate it is. You like riding in your stroller and love watching all that goes on around you. I think you are going to be social because you are always "talking" to people and will smile at anyone who talks to you. Let's just say we are still working on night time but you sure do love to sleep with Mom. You usually take a nap in the morning and a long afternoon nap but often fall asleep in the car for a few short cat naps during the day. You truly are such a happy baby and make us smile a million times each day. We all love you so and are so thankful for you and all the joy you bring to our lives! Happy 7 months sweet baby boy!

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