Friday, July 23, 2010

Pool Day with Addi and Gigi

Baylor and Addi were having fun dumping water out of the bucket.
Cooper and Gigi were playing with Parker.

Loving a cool treat.
Such cute kids.
Two happy five year olds.
Two busy and cute two year olds.
During swimming lessons Cooper worked on swimming on his back and kicking his legs.
He also worked on breathing, he is doing great.
During Cooper's lesson Baylor had a little picnic and talked to Mama.
Go Baylor.
Baylor told Mama all about his Toy Story toys.
Coop "bowling" after dinner. The funny thing is his controller was out of batteries, but Daddy acted like he was really bowling. He was quite proud of himself.
I love that smile!
I think Parker looks so old in this outfit. This was actually Baylor's outfit and it has little airplanes on it, we bought it right after we found out Baylor was a boy.

This morning we had our last day of swimming for the week. It was once again super hot and in the 90's by 10:00 am. Since it was so hot Mimi kept Parker during swimming lessons. It works out much better if I only have to keep Cooper occupied while Baylor is having his 45 minute lesson and then Baylor is fine to sit and talk with Mama and Papa during Cooper's 20 minute lesson and I can watch him. After swimming we went and picked up Parker and ran to McDonald's and then met Addi and Gigi at Mama's house for a day of swimming fun. The boys were so excited to play and swim with Addi and Gigi. They all had so much fun and did great on such a hot day. We ate lunch and they all had lots of popsicles. Baylor was also busy trying to catch butterflies again and Addi helped him. Gigi and Cooper had fun together and looked so cute in their puddle jumpers. We stayed at the pool for a little over three hours which is great with five kids 5 and under. Parker stayed in the house in his bouncer with Mama during lunch and then came out to swim. He was such a good baby and fell asleep in the shade too. We all had a great day with our friends. Andrea is such a great friend, and I love her so!

Tonight we were going to get our family pictures taken but rescheduled again since the heat index was over 100 degrees. We ended up going to dinner at Champp's and going to Gap. It was a great night and the boys had fun playing Wii when we got home. We are looking forward to a great weekend.

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