Friday, January 27, 2012

InstaFriday January 27

life rearranged
I am linking up for InstaFriday this week.
Here are some of my cell phone pics from the last two weeks.  
 I made margarita lime chicken for dinner one night and Coop was my little helper. 
 Yes, I may be a future Olympic figure skater.
Oh Harry is so handsome and such an amazing singer.  I love listening to him.
While I was gone the boys took turns spending the night with Mimi and then Daddy let them sleep with him in our bed.

 Chocolate goodness.
 My cheesecake from Junior's.  It was delicious.

 Baylor helped Daddy make grilled cheese when I was gone.  Daddy took all three boys and Baxter to get Valentine pictures taken, what a great sport.

 I brought home the boys a fingerprint art kit from New York and they have loved it.
 Coop at the doctor.
 Baylor celebrated 100 days of school.
 Last week Mimi brought the boys an Angry Bird cake.  They were so excited.
 Coop loves painting.

 Bax likes to take a nap on the register.
 Mimi and I went to the Home Show, I loved seeing flowers and outdoor goodness.
 Box tops, enough said.
 Big boy!

King of the Jungle.
 Parker loves the gym.

 My favorite lunch.
The little boys loved bowling in the entryway.

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Holly said...

That cheesecake looks amazing, as does the Angry Birds cake!