Friday, January 13, 2012

InstaFriday: January 13

I'm actually posting InstaFriday on Friday, hurray! The beginning of the week was beautiful and now it is super cold and snowy. It makes me want to hibernate!

life rearranged

1. We started puppy class, let's hope we have a star pupil.

2. Tennis lessons have started.

3. Upward season began and we are cheering on our favorite player, Go Baylor!

4. Parker loves to ride the horse at the grocery.

1. I made homemade vegetable soup this week and it was so delicious. My first attempt was a success. I don't know how I ever cut onions without goggles.

2. Cooper was my helper.

3. We played outside as much as we could.

4. Baxter loves the Kong treat frozen with peanut butter. He gets so excited.

1. Baylor is my assistant chef.

2. He made cornbread muffins to go with our dinner one day after school.

3. Parker started preschool, such a big boy brushing his teeth.

4. Baylor is busy taking AR quizzes and passing levels.

1. Daddy worked late this week for his sales convention, the boys were so happy when he was home! They wanted him to pass a level on the DS.

2. I love to snuggle with Cooper!

3. He wanted to do his homework, he was busy coloring.

4. I made pot roast this week, it was yummy!

1. Cup stacking before school.

2. A cold walk to the house from the bus.

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