Thursday, January 5, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Jan 6

Today I am linking up for Embrace the Camera.

I got Baylor the complete set of Magic Tree House books for Christmas. We are reading them in order and he loves them, I love them too. This was always one of my very favorite series as a teacher. I love the adventures that Jack and Annie take you on in each book. We are already on book#4 Pirates Past Noon. He's also excited because they are also all books he can take AR quizzes on at school and they are worth 1 point!

I love spending time reading with my boys.


Elle Jane said...

I have lots of favorite memories of reading with my mom and grandma when I was little. This is something he'll cherish forever!

Deniece Carmean said...

I love books in general but I don't know that one and I am always interested in hearing about good ones.

Laurie said...

Your boys are cute and they have cute names. YES.....they really push kids these days in school. I used to teach in Emily's school and it has changed SOOOOOO much! No more playing in Kindergarten.