Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gym Day with Ethan

This morning we had Mops and then we met Jen and Ethan at the gym for play time.
We had some make up classes so Miss Emma offered to let us come and have open gym today.
She let Ethan come too and the boys had a great time!
They were able to wear off lots of energy and try new things.
They all had so much fun.
Parker loves gymnastics and can't wait to get out of the car when we get there.
The hula hoops were a hit.
Parker loves the slide.
We were there for a little over an hour and the boys loved it.
They were not ready to leave when our time was up.
I think they could play there all day!

Cooper tried the big beam with Miss Emma's help.
Parker tried to big beam too.
They loved the bean bags.
Ethan and Parker had fun trying to pop the bean bags on the trampoline.
Monkey in action.
Parker likes rolling in the tunnel.
Miss Emma let them swing on the rings.
So brave!
He loved trying new things in the gym.
After playing we headed to Wendy's for lunch with Ethan, Gabrielle, and Jen.  Cooper got to hold Gabrielle and he was so happy.  He loves babies.  He kept saying how cute she was on the way home.

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