Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Day in NYC

 On Friday night we went to bed with the news that New York was expecting a snow storm with up to 6 inches of snow in the morning.  However they ended up getting less than expected and we were bundled up to walk in the snowy conditions.  We needed to get our energy for the day so we walked to Roxy's Deli for a tasty breakfast.  The food was good and the portions were huge.  It's a fun restaurant.
 The desserts looked so good!
 Then we bundled up and were ready for a fun day!
 The snow was cleared as soon as it fell.  
 We did some shopping and had fun looking around the city.
 There were lots of Giants signs since New York was in the play offs.
 Then it was time for Mary Poppins!
 The show was fantastic, so much fun!  Mary flies through the audience and Bert dances on the ceiling, it's amazing!  The children in the cast were wonderful!
 Practically Perfect!
 After the show we were hungry so we stopped and got a pretzel from a street vendor.
 We were headed to the big Macy's store so we needed some energy.
 On our walk we spotted a cupcake shop that sold mini cupcakes so we all stopped and had one.  They were so good!  Then we shopped.  We had so much fun exploring the giant Macy's and we all found some good deals and cute items.
 We had a later dinner that night at Ruby Foo's.  It was so good!
 The restaurant was such a fun place!
 We shared a few entrees and it was all so good!
 Then we headed to the Giant M&M store to get some treats for our kids.  The store smelled wonderful and was so fun.  Floors and floors of chocolate goodness, yes please!
 We dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed across the street to Junior's Cheesecake for dessert.  We had ordered it before and new it was delicious.
 We were so glad we went.  Jamie had red velvet, Andrea had carrot cheesecake, and I had strawberry cheesecake.  It was all so good!
It was another fabulous day!

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