Saturday, January 14, 2012

Puppies, Bball, Smoothies

Saturday morning we had our first puppy class where we took Baxter and we all went. He was nervous in the car so he sat up front with me.
We were ready with our treats.

The boys were excited and the class is packed. There are lots of puppies.

Yes, we have to wear these treat "fanny" packs so that we can easily access a treat during training. I am definitely a beginner when it comes to dog training!

We learned lots of information this week and Baxter did great.

After class we went to the vet to get his next round of shots. He was one tired puppy!

Then it was off to week two of basketball. This is the only picture I got with my phone. We didn't win this week, but he had fun. Baylor got the Christlike start for helping his teammates and the other team when they would fall down. I was proud.

Since it was freezing we decided to stay home on Saturday night.

We ordered carryout from Italian Gardens and then Tom made us all smoothies with his new Ninja.

He got a Ninja for Christmas and we were excited to test it out. It works great!

The boys had fun!

I had a strawberry smoothie that was so tasty. I like to steal Tom's hat for puppy duty. It's nice and warm.

Parker had a banana orange smoothie, he was quite happy.

We did watch football while we made our smoothies!

Coop had an orange smoothie.

Baylor had strawberry too and he thought it was delicious!

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Nicole said...

This picture of you in Tom's hat looks just like Baylor. Have a good week!