Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baylor's First Basketball Game

Today was Baylor's first Upward Basketball game of the season. This year his team is the Spartans and he is #2.
He had fun and played great defense. They keep score this year in his age group and his team won.

It was a great first game.

I love that they pray before the game and have a devotional at halftime.

After the game we stopped and picked up lunch and then came home to enjoy the beautiful day.

It was sunny and in the mid 50's. We are loving the weather so far this winter, can we continue to be so lucky?

After the game everyone was ready to work on their basketball skills.

Baxter enjoyed his time outside too. We are also working on electric fence training so I think he was ready to go in before the boys.

I love watching the boys with their Daddy.

Baylor was working on his shot.

Coop just has fun being outside.

They had a great day and were ready for a nap by the time we went in the house.

After basketball season, it's time for baseball and we can't wait!

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