Monday, January 30, 2012

Hat and Tie Day

 On Monday Baylor had hat and tie day at school.  It is book fair week and they have special dress up days each day this week. I thought he looked so handsome before school.
 His teacher had asked me to come in and do reading groups for her while she worked on math assessments.  I spent all morning in his class and had a great time.  I did all three reading groups and then helped with a pull out rit group and a small math group.  It was fun to be back in the classroom for a morning.  I had time to run to Subway to get lunch for him and Maddy.
 It was fun to eat with them at school.
 Baylor with Lily and Maddy.
After I left Baylor's school I headed to First Friends to pick up Baxter.  He spent the weekend there while we were gone and the boys could not wait for him to get home.  He had a bath and was groomed before I picked him up and he looked so cute.  He was definitely happy to be home.

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