Friday, October 12, 2012

Second Disney Day with Mimi and Pop

After a late night at the Halloween party they were back at again in the morning on Main Street USA.
Ice cream for breakfast!  This hat was a Halloween souvenir.  
Healthy start to the day:).
He had a great time.

While they were there they had a sneak peek day at part of the New Fantasyland.  They were able to go on the Little Mermaid ride and go in Belle's castle.
They said it was so neat.
They came home with lots of new swords.
A battle plan.
Mimi and Pop said the Little Mermaid ride was really neat.
Just what we needed.
Brothers to the end.
Parker never knew they went to Disney.  He was happy to have one on one time with me and swim at the pool.  He was so happy though when they got home and he got his prizes and chocolate Mickey coins.  He wanted to sleep with his chocolate!

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