Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bowling Birthday

On Saturday we had a bowling birthday party to celebrate Cooper's 5th birthday and Baylor's 8th birthday.  The bowling alley was a perfect spot for a fun filled party for all of the kids and adults!  I loved the cake from, A Couple of Sweet Things, and the cookies from, The Cookie Closet.  They looked great.
 I ordered the cute invitations from Party Box Designs again.  They also made the cute stickers for the favors, cupcake toppers, and banners.
I took the boys to the bowling alley before Sawyer was born so that I could have the thank you notes ready to go.  I love how they turned out.  
 The bowling alley has a party room we were able to decorate and set up a cake table, food table, and favor and present table.  The guests were able to eat in there and we could all see when we sang to the birthday boys.  Once again I could not have got it all done without the help of Mimi and Pop.  They went with me early to set up and get everything ready and Tom brought the bigger boys closer to party time all ready to go.
We had lots of family and friends come to celebrate with us.  
Happy Birthday Boys!  I can't believe they are 8 and 5.  I ordered their shirts off of Etsy as well as the bowling shirts for Parker and Sawyer.
Make a wish.  I hope the next year is great for both of you.  Mommy and Daddy love watching you grow and change, we are so proud of both of you.
So much fun.
It was fun to watch all of the kids at the party.  Even the little ones had fun bowling.  The bumpers and ramp helped them out.
Our sweet five year old having fun.  I love his personality and sweet spirit.
Our soon to be 8 year old!  He's so outgoing and loves life.  He's always ready for fun.
Lots of special guests.
It's so nice to see family and spend time with our loved ones.
The boys said they had a great time and loved the party!  It was a success.

I know our littlest guests, Arden and Sawyer, loved the party too!
After the party we came back to our house for presents!  Mimi and Pop and Mammaw and Pappaw came to watch them open their gifts.  They received so many wonderful things and were so excited.  It was a great day.  Happy Birthday Baylor and Cooper!!!!

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