Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back at the Beach

When we left the beach this summer I thought it would be a year before we returned.  I was so happy that it worked and we were all able to enjoy this two week fall break together.
In the morning Mimi and Pop took the big boys to the beach and then we all went to the pool.
Parker was so happy to be able to swim again.
Popsicle breaks are good.
There's lots of shade at the pool so Sawyer snoozes in his stroller with a breeze.

We had the pool all to ourselves.
They love playing with Pop.
He's a good little swimmer.
We ate lunch at the pool, they love to eat outside.
It was a great day.
By the evening Baylor started feeling bad and was running a fever.  Since they were going to Disney on Thursday we decided to take him to Medcheck.  Pop took Coop and Park to the beach and Mimi and I took Baylor to MedCheck and Sawyer went with us.  Mimi and Sawyer stayed in the car. He ended up having an ear infection and was started on antibiotics.

They loved playing at the beach.
Pretty sunset.

Good Job God!
My favorite place.
He loves this little wagon.
Cotton candy clouds.
I love that all of the boys share my love for the beach and water.

A great way to end the day.
Sights like this make me want to break out singing Our God is an Awesome God.

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