Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teacher Conferences and a Beautiful Fall Day

In the morning we had Baylor's conference with his teacher.  He's doing great in school and she had only great things to say about him.  We love his teacher and are thankful he is having such a great year.  He's learning lots and enjoying school.  It's exciting to see him love reading and want to read each night.  Afterwards we headed to Conner Prairie for the day.  It was a lovely fall day, maybe the last great day of the year.  The weather was perfect and the trees were still so pretty.  The boys had the best time in the barn, running up and down the hills, strolling down the lanes and in the houses.  It's a great place for little boys to run and play.  We ended the day in the apple store with treats for the ride home.  What a fun day outside!

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