Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

 Baylor was asked to be a ring bearer in my cousin Andy's wedding.  Drake and Baylor are going to walk down the aisle together.  On Thursday night we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  This is the same church Tom and I were married in so it was neat to talk to Baylor about our wedding before the big day for Andy and Colleen.
 He was excited to wear his tux.
 Sawyer went too and Cooper and Parker stayed at home with Miss Sarah.  It was a great decision!
 Our cousin David flew in from California for the wedding.  It was so nice to see him and visit with him, we all miss him.  We missed his wife and adorable girls.  It's sad he lives so far away!
 Standing with the guys.

 He did a great job.
 Mom and Joe.  Joe sang at the wedding and was there to practice too.
 Mimi and Sawyer.
 The boys love their Uncle Joe.
 My soon to be 8 year old!
 Walking down the aisle.
 My oldest and youngest blessings.
 I'm so thankful for Mom!
 Katie and Mom were being silly singing Sunrise Sunset at the end of the rehearsal.  The church looked so pretty.
 Dave and his dad.
I had a picture of Adam, Katie, and sweet Drake but it turned out so blurry!  
 Joe and Dad.
 Tom and Baylor.
 My mom had these cookies made for favors.  She gave our neighbor the invitation and she made them to match.  They were adorable and delicious as usual.
 Mom and Mama.
 The parents of the groom.  They had the dinner at the Legend and everything was so delicious.  It was a great night to celebrate the happy couple.
 The bride and groom.
It's nice to spend some time with Baylor alone and focus on him.  We had a great night together and by the end Baylor was exhausted!

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