Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baylor's Haunted House

Since we are leaving for Florida, and the boys don't know yet, we wanted to get the houses all done early this year.  Wednesday Pop picked up Baylor on his way home from work.
Baylor requested to go last.  He said it was because he is the oldest but it was really so he could see the others first and make sure his was the best.  He's competitive like that.
Pop's quite the decorator.
Getting it just right.
Black icing boy.

Great work pals.
Of course there was lots of candy eating involved while making his house.
Great job Baylor!
Such a spooky house.
He's proud of the pumpkin on the side.
It's covered in candy and icing.
They love doing these special things with Pop.
It was busy making three this year just wait until he has to make 4!

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