Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baylor's Birthday Night

 On Sunday night we gave the boys their gifts and had a birthday dinner with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe.  Mimi and Pop brought Kopper Kettle for dinner, the boys all love the food there.

 Up first new bike helmets.  Cooper got a shark helmet, he loved it and kept saying thank you thank you.  He wanted to wear it right away.
 Baylor in his new helmet.

 Then we had them head outside to see their big gift from Mom and Dad.  They both got new bikes.
 An orange mongoose for Coop!
 He was off right away!

 He had outgrown his old bike and was so happy.
 Coop loved his bike.  We are going to start to work on riding without training wheels.
 Birthday boys on new bikes.
 Then Tom and I put on goggles to share the next surprise.  We were leaving for Florida in the morning.
 Oh yeah! screamed Cooper.
 He was excited!
So was Baylor!
 Time for a delicious dinner.
 They had presents from Mimi and Pop and Uncle Joe after dinner.
New Under Armour shirts from Uncle Joe.
 Happy boy.
 Then Mimi had three different clues for the boys to open.  They got a Mickey glow wand, a Mr. Potato Head costume and then the ticket to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
 They are going to Disney with Mimi and Pop for two days while we are in Florida!
 We had ice cream cake from DQ and sang to our 8 year old.
 Coop got candles too!
What a great day celebrating our first boy!  He has been such a blessing to us all and we love him so!  Happy Birthday Baylor!

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